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See video at bottom. Sample of plans included and deliverables below as well.

Sample Plans include:

  • Agile Development
  • Application Development Large Project Waterfall
  • Business Process Engineering
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Desktop Deployment
  • SharePoint Deployment
  • Training Project
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SAP
  • and many, many more.

Sample of Deliverables Listed:

    Deliverable: Project Initiation Memorandum
    Deliverable: Stakeholder ID List
    Deliverable: Kickoff Meeting Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Updated WBS
    Deliverable: Project Charter
    Deliverable: Deliverable Expectations Document
    Deliverable: Project Status Reports
    Deliverable: Problem Definition
    Deliverable: Preliminary Project Plan
    Deliverable: Vision Scope Proposal Package
    Deliverable: Vision Scope Document
    Deliverable: Project Plan: Scope, SOW, and Schedule
    Project Management Control Plans
    Deliverable: Project Controls Plan
       Deliverable: Delivery Acceptance Plan
       Deliverable: Documentation Standards Plan
       Deliverable: Document Tracking Plan
       Deliverable: Security Plan (for project delivery)
       Deliverable: Communication Plan
       Deliverable: Issue Management Plan
       Deliverable: Risk Management Plan
       Deliverable: Risk Analysis
       Deliverable: Quality Assurance Plan
       Deliverable: Action Item Tracking Plan
       Deliverable: Change Control Management Plan
       Deliverable: Configuration Management Plan
       Deliverable: Responsibility Matrix
       Deliverable: Project Team Training Plan
    Deliverable: Detailed Design and Development Plan
       Deliverable: Design and Development Plan
    Checklist/Tool: Governance Standards Template
    Deliverable: Team Building Plan
    Deliverable: Project Gantt and PERT Charts
    Deliverable: Final Work Plan and Schedule
    Deliverable: Staffing Plan
    Deliverable: Final Systems Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Enterprise-wide Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Cultural Assessment Document
    Deliverable: Organization Assessment Report
    Deliverable: Direction and Strategy Assessment
    Deliverable: Interface Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Current Information Systems Analysis Report
    Deliverable: Future Information Systems Direction Report
    Deliverable: Gap Fit Spreadsheet
    Deliverable: Business Environment Analysis for Organizational Change
    Deliverable: Business Information Requirements
    Deliverable: Operations Monitoring Assessment Document
    Deliverable: Organization Process Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Current Business Process Profile Document
    Deliverable: Multi-Project Risk Analysis
    Deliverable: COTS Analysis
    Deliverable: Organizational Process Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Process Performance Impact Report
    Deliverable: Cost/Benefit Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Construction Project Feasibility Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Telecommunications Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Detailed Functional Design Document
    Deliverable: Detailed Technical Specifications Document
    Deliverable: Equipment Maintenance Plan
    Deliverable: Data Migration Plan
    Deliverable: Data Conversion Plan
    Deliverable: Hardware Requirements List
    Deliverable: State/Transition Diagrams
    Deliverable: Test Plan
    Deliverable: Site Survey Tool
    Deliverable: Site Analysis Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: System Security Plan
    Deliverable: Software and Hardware Installation Plan
    Deliverable: Deployment Plan
    Deliverable: Training Plan
    Deliverable: Equipment Review Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Operational Configurations Report
    Deliverable: Disaster Recovery Plan
    Deliverable: Disaster Recovery Assessment
    Deliverable: Help Desk Plan
    Deliverable: Performance Test Scripts
    Deliverable: Acceptance Test Scripts
    Deliverable: System Acceptance Test Plan
    Deliverable: System Software Acceptance Memorandum
    Deliverable: UAT Support Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Post Acceptance Test Revision Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Installation and Testing of Disaster Plan Completion Memorandum

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