This tool contains more than 100 plans.

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Save hundreds of hours in planning. Over 100 plans built in already. Never go searching again for templates. Free if you sign up for Tech BuzzKill newsletter today! Download from See video at bottom. Sample of plans included and deliverables below as well.

Sample Plans include:

  • Agile Development
  • Application Development Large Project Waterfall
  • Business Process Engineering
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Desktop Deployment
  • SharePoint Deployment
  • Training Project
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SAP
  • and many, many more.

Sample of Deliverables Listed:

    Deliverable: Project Initiation Memorandum
    Deliverable: Stakeholder ID List
    Deliverable: Kickoff Meeting Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Updated WBS
    Deliverable: Project Charter
    Deliverable: Deliverable Expectations Document
    Deliverable: Project Status Reports
    Deliverable: Problem Definition
    Deliverable: Preliminary Project Plan
    Deliverable: Vision Scope Proposal Package
    Deliverable: Vision Scope Document
    Deliverable: Project Plan: Scope, SOW, and Schedule
    Project Management Control Plans
    Deliverable: Project Controls Plan
       Deliverable: Delivery Acceptance Plan
       Deliverable: Documentation Standards Plan
       Deliverable: Document Tracking Plan
       Deliverable: Security Plan (for project delivery)
       Deliverable: Communication Plan
       Deliverable: Issue Management Plan
       Deliverable: Risk Management Plan
       Deliverable: Risk Analysis
       Deliverable: Quality Assurance Plan
       Deliverable: Action Item Tracking Plan
       Deliverable: Change Control Management Plan
       Deliverable: Configuration Management Plan
       Deliverable: Responsibility Matrix
       Deliverable: Project Team Training Plan
    Deliverable: Detailed Design and Development Plan
       Deliverable: Design and Development Plan
    Checklist/Tool: Governance Standards Template
    Deliverable: Team Building Plan
    Deliverable: Project Gantt and PERT Charts
    Deliverable: Final Work Plan and Schedule
    Deliverable: Staffing Plan
    Deliverable: Final Systems Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Enterprise-wide Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Cultural Assessment Document
    Deliverable: Organization Assessment Report
    Deliverable: Direction and Strategy Assessment
    Deliverable: Interface Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Current Information Systems Analysis Report
    Deliverable: Future Information Systems Direction Report
    Deliverable: Gap Fit Spreadsheet
    Deliverable: Business Environment Analysis for Organizational Change
    Deliverable: Business Information Requirements
    Deliverable: Operations Monitoring Assessment Document
    Deliverable: Organization Process Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Current Business Process Profile Document
    Deliverable: Multi-Project Risk Analysis
    Deliverable: COTS Analysis
    Deliverable: Organizational Process Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Process Performance Impact Report
    Deliverable: Cost/Benefit Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Construction Project Feasibility Analysis Document
    Deliverable: Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Telecommunications Requirements Document
    Deliverable: Detailed Functional Design Document
    Deliverable: Detailed Technical Specifications Document
    Deliverable: Equipment Maintenance Plan
    Deliverable: Data Migration Plan
    Deliverable: Data Conversion Plan
    Deliverable: Hardware Requirements List
    Deliverable: State/Transition Diagrams
    Deliverable: Test Plan
    Deliverable: Site Survey Tool
    Deliverable: Site Analysis Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: System Security Plan
    Deliverable: Software and Hardware Installation Plan
    Deliverable: Deployment Plan
    Deliverable: Training Plan
    Deliverable: Equipment Review Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Operational Configurations Report
    Deliverable: Disaster Recovery Plan
    Deliverable: Disaster Recovery Assessment
    Deliverable: Help Desk Plan
    Deliverable: Performance Test Scripts
    Deliverable: Acceptance Test Scripts
    Deliverable: System Acceptance Test Plan
    Deliverable: System Software Acceptance Memorandum
    Deliverable: UAT Support Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Post Acceptance Test Revision Completion Memorandum
    Deliverable: Installation and Testing of Disaster Plan Completion Memorandum

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